Photographer Ina Jungmann takes an art form known for faithfully capturing a moment in time and uses it instead to explore our fractured relationship with place, hope and memory.

Fascinated by people’s ability to perceive place in terms of both present reality, past history, and future dreams, Jungmann uses multiple exposures to create high-end art pieces that are textured, nuanced, and at times otherworldly. Her work has been widely exhibited in Los Angeles, Germany, Syria, and Poland.

Jungmann is a citizen of the world, traveling widely, speaking multiple languages, and using her outsider’s eye to bring to life the depths and nuances of a culture and a moment in history. In Damascus only days before the outbreak of Syria’s devastating civil war, Jungmann captured some of the final moments of normalcy and peace. Those works have since been exhibited around the world, most notably in Damascus itself, at both the Goethe Institut Damaskus and the Arab International University. She has also turned her lens to examine such historically profound locations as the Murphy Ranch, an abandoned WWII-era Nazi encampment in California’s Pacific Palisades.

No matter what the context of her photography, Jungmann’s work combines innovation, storytelling and artistry. Educated at UCLA and the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, she has studied with acclaimed photographers James Welling and Rudolf Schäfer. She is also honored to be mentored by Japan's Miyako Ichiuchi. 

Jungmann remains fascinated by the power of an image to bridge cultural, historical and linguistic chasms. 

Read more about Ina Jungmann in this interview with Limited Runs.

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IN TRANSIT from the collection Sleeping Indian
27,5 x 49 in / 69 x 124 cm
Archive LightJet Print
# 2 (souq)
Damascus, Syria 2011
Japan, 2007
Archival Print