A sunny midday in Los Angeles is painfully bright. So when the sun goes down or hides behind a thick layer of clouds, everything in my body relaxes. That does not mean I avoid or hate the sun, it is one of the reasons why I love living here in Los Angeles. It keeps me energized. But the blue, perfect, sunny, empty sky feels fake at times, too good to be true and never ending. When finally the sun does come down, and the reflections on the walls of Disney Concert Hall change into pastel colors, or a heavy fog covers Venice Beach and it starts to get cold, it is a reassuring feeling that the world is still moving, time is still passing, and once again another day comes to an end.


Compared to shooting locations that I pass through on my travels, I walk through LA with a different experience than anywhere else. I find that from the tourist hot spots such as Hollywood, all the way down to the coast towards Santa Monica, the starting point of my LA adventure, the city is constantly morphing - Sometimes you’ll blink and the scenery has changed. That is why I use multiple exposures layered in the camera. I don’t try to document the locations and sights as much as capture those fleeting moments that you experience moving through the bustling city of Los Angeles.

© 2019 by Ina Jungmann. 

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Downtown Los Angeles

from the collection LA LA LAND - Los Angeles Impressions 27,5 x 49 in / 69 x 124 cm Archive LightJet Print