About the Books

in-be·tween - a photo book series 


Holding a photo book is a moment to oneself that is a unique and personal experience, quite different from viewing art pieces on the wall in an art gallery or scrolling through an online portfolio or social media page. This experience is what I wanted to share with others, and the result is this book.


Japanese photo books have fascinated and inspired me over the years. Looking at a comic book and not being able to understand the language, I would imagine or create my own stories. The photographs that stand out in my memory are images of walking through the streets, a glimpse of something strange, beautiful, odd, attractive, broken, familiar. Sometimes the photographs are just colors or undefinable forms, which then open up more interpretations. Then, looking at the next image in the book, the meaning changes and the story unfolds itself. It feels like understanding a story without actually being able to explain what is going on.


My projects begin with a location. Like writing an entry in a diary, it is a deeply personal experience when I photograph and move through these places. I feel like I’m alone, observing and capturing the moment. When I return to my studio and begin putting the project together, I find that the images start to tell a story, through my eyes, and I begin to see these places differently, as if they appeared in my dreams. I find a flow to the images, the layout, and the design, to create an experience of my travels. And though this is a project that shows my experience through my eyes, I welcome the reader to enjoy the magazine and have their own personal experience and journey through this story.