From South to North

In today’s age we are so occupied with looking for the next, and waiting to be there already. We pass time while we are on the phone, reading, texting, scrolling thinking what the world is doing rather than acknowledging what we are doing in this moment. 

When I took a train ride from Munich to Bremen, as I often do, I just looked out the window for a while. Eventually, I too would take out my phone or book, or listen to music while I travel. I stared to take multiple exposures from the moving train to capture these fleeing moments that nobody would notice and be soon forgotten. It was not my attention to capture a certain city or landscape but rather the in-between, the forgotten, the unimportant but still something we would see, notice and would bring us back in the here and now for a split second.

© 2019 by Ina Jungmann. 

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